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Ten Warning Signs that an Elderly Loved One May Need In-Home Care

The holidays are over and it’s back to the grind, but for many of us, especially the children of The Greatest Generation or even Baby Boomers, there is a nagging question in our heads.  Is mom (or dad) really okay living alone or do they need assistance from in-home caregivers?

If you are one of the people who is worrying about their parents, this article has a list of ten warning signs that may indicate that you should consider in-home care services for your family.

1. Experiencing a change in memory
2. Bills not being paid on time or mail piling up
3. Missed doctor appointments
4. Personal hygiene (e.g., clothing, hair, etc.) becoming difficult to maintain
5. Kitchen problems, such as scorch marks on pots or other signs of fires from cooking
6. Grocery supply (e.g., limited food or lots of expired food)
7. Weight loss or gain
8. Home repairs and yard work not being maintained
9. Isolation or skipping activities formerly of interest
10. Driving issues, such as accidents, tickets or car repairs not being addressed

No, none of these are signs of a huge problem, but they can be simple things to look for as signs that it’s time to start discussing family home care for your parents.