McCortney Family In-Home Care News

Location of Service

I know this is a weird post, (We do have a map of our services on the website), but one of the most frequent questions I get is what our geographic coverage area is.  My standard answer is that we provide family home caregivers to a huge part of southern and southeastern Oklahoma.  That answer is to vague, so I’m trying a different answer today.  He is a list of everywhere our in-home care services are being provided to senior adults TODAY.

Ardmore, OK
Madill, OK
Dickson, OK
Wilson, OK
Lone Grove, OK
Davis, OK
Milburn, OK
Stratford, OK
Ada, OK
Byng, OK
Stonewall, OK
Konawa, OK

We have caregivers in each of these towns today (many in some of these locations).  It is 91 miles from Konawa to Wilson, so I think it is safe to say that we are providing In-home Care services to a large part of Southern and Southeastern Oklahoma.  Yes, there are many towns in between that we could be in, but are not today.  I hope this helps everyone understand how far and wide we can help you and your parents.