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In-home Care Service for those Recovering from Surgery: A trip into the great unknown

This is the second post in a series about the types of In-home care services  we provide to our clients in South-Central/Southeastern Oklahoma.  While many of the people we provide caregivers for are generally the same, there are a few different issues that come up specifically with different sets of senior citizens.  During this series we will discuss some of the specifics of family home care services for patients being discharged from nursing homes, those recovering from surgery, and those suffering from cognitive disorders like Alzheimer’s or dementia.

In-home Care Service for those Recovering from Surgery:

Unless you are much healthier than the average American, you probably know what it feels like to face a surgery and the insecurity that comes with the recovery process.  I was reminded of the feeling recently when my mother had a major operation on her foot.  The doctor said she wouldn’t be able to “let her foot touch the floor” for a week (or maybe two).  Sooooooooo, does that mean that mom isn’t going to be able to get out of bed for a week (or two)?  Or, does that mean that mom is going to be in a wheelchair for a week (or two)?  The difference in the amount of help she is going to need during that time period is huge.  Then, you wonder what happens the next week.  She isn’t going to be up jumping rope on week three!  How much help was she going to need and for how long?  Those were the big questions, and there were no good answers.   Doctors love the phrase, “recovery time varies”, but patients hate it.  The reality is that you never know exactly how the recovery process is going to work.

For your family members (or yourself) who is facing surgery, family in-home care is a great service.  We provide a service that is as flexible as your recovery is unpredictable.  When we start working with a client who is going in for surgery, we know that the clients needs are unpredictable, so we prepare for the worst and hope for the best.  If the worst comes, our caregivers are ready to do everything that needs to be done.  If the best happens, our caregivers are trained to stay out of the way and encourage independence.  No matter what the recovery process brings, the flexibility of in-home care services is a huge asset.  We are even flexible on how long you use our services.  I know that when my mom went in for her surgery we had no clue how long she was going to need help.  We knew generally how many weeks it could take, but we didn’t know how many weeks it would take for sure.  Our services, especially those for people recovering from surgery, don’t come with a strict timeframe.  It may last two weeks, but it may be a month.  We understand that there are times when wait and see is the only approach, and we work with you as best we can.  If your recovery goes perfectly, that’s great, but just in case it doesn’t we’ll be ready for that also!