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In-home Care Service for those being Discharged from a Nursing Home: Removing the fear and going home again!

This is the first post in a series about the types of In-home care services  we provide to our clients in South-Central/Southeastern Oklahoma.  While many of the people we provide caregivers for are generally the same, there are a few different issues that come up specifically with different sets of senior citizens.  During this series we will discuss some of the specifics of family home care services for patients being discharged from nursing homes, those recovering from surgery, and those suffering from cognitive disorders like Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Care for those being discharged from nursing homes.

There are certain concerns that are common for senior adults that are considering moving out of a nursing home and into their home again.  Clearly, this is a time of excitement.  Everyone, or most everyone at least, wants to be home.  Unfortunately, moving home isn’t always easy.  Nursing homes do a lot for their patients, and all of that needs to be replicated in the home.

  • – Who will cook the meals?
  • – Who will remind me to take my medications?
  • – Who will help me with my shower?
  • – Who will be there if I get tired and can’t complete a task?
  • – Who will be there if I get dizzy or weak while walking?
  • – Who will change my bed?
  • – Who will do my laundry?
  • – Who will take me to the doctor?
  • – Who will check in and make sure everything is going okay?
  • – Who will remind me of the things I need to do to regain my strength?
  • – Who will take care of things if there is an emergency?

The answer to all of these questions (and many more) is my in-home caregiver.  These are all things that our qualified caregivers do for our clients, and they are especially important for people who are leaving a nursing home and moving back home.  In the facility, all of these things were taken care of, and we have found that the fear of who is going to. is the biggest thing that keeps people from considering moving home again.  Sure, on a good day, you may be able to do all of these things without any problem at all.  Unfortunately, if you’ve been in a nursing home, you’ve experienced the fact that not every day is a good day.  The concern about what happens on a day when you don’t feel 100% locks you into a facility, even though on many days you do feel 100%.  Our services are the answer to that fear.  When you feel like cooking your own meal or taking your own bath, then, by all means, that’s what you should get to do.  On those days that you don’t, then our in-home caregivers can help with those things.  More than anything, our services are the safety net that people need when making this big transition of going back home.  We can give you the confidence you need to move home again.