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At McCortney Family In Home care, we know the importance of selecting just the right caregiver for your specific needs. We take great pride in our In home Care, and value the care and kindness our caregivers give to our clients. We recently found a article that also gives insight to the importance of selecting the right caregiver for your  In home Care.Below you will find an exert from that informative article.

10 Things That Make In-Home Caregivers Stand Out

Perhaps you’ve been caring for an aging parent for years, or you recently visited and realized that your loved one needs some extra help with personal hygiene, preparing meals, or recuperating after a surgery. You know it’s time to ask for professional, in-home help. Opening your home and your heart to a new person who will be your loved one’s aide and, in many ways, a companion, can stir some concern — and questions.

How do you know if this person is the right fit? Will he or she be able to provide quality care and balance it with compassion, patience, and even a sense of humor? What will the reaction be if your elder decides to be a bit stubborn that day? What qualities should an in-home caregiver ……………………

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