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Demand Increasing for Paid Caregivers

Finding good quality family home care providers is probably the hardest part of running an in-home care service in Oklahoma, and the same can be said all over the United States.  I thought the statistics in this article were interesting:

By 2020 Iowa will need 95,000 paid caregivers. The average annual turnover rate for the profession in the state is more than 60 percent, according to the Iowa CareGivers Association. The organization founded by Di Findley, a 13-year nurse aide, estimates that to keep up with the turnover, Iowa employers spent $193 million to recruit and train new staff in 2012.

During the last generation, the US saw great growth in the Nursing Home industry.  Baby Boomers often put their parents in homes, and then, after experiencing what facility care was like, made their children promise never to put them there.  They have saved money and are determined to remain at home as senior adults.  They are ready to bring caregivers into their home; the real question is will there be enough caregivers?