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VA Aide and Attendance

I must say, that this program, from the National Center for Policy Analysis article, makes a lot of sense.

The Balancing Incentive Payments Program is intended to keep as many people as possible out of nursing home care. Nursing home care is expensive, and a 2010 AARP survey found that 9 out of 10 older Americans would prefer in-home care to nursing home care.

If in-home care for senior adults is what people want and providing in-home caregivers instead of nursing home care saves money, why wouldn’t this be the direction our healthcare system goes?  No, we will never end the need for some people to be placed in nursing homes.  There is a point where the cost becomes more to stay at home.  For many Senior Citizens, though, just a little bit of help at home is all it takes to avoid having to be placed in a nursing facility.  It just makes sense.