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6 things not to do as a caregiver

Here is a great article from (one of my favorite blogs) about the hardship of being a family caregiver.  Yes, I know that this doesnít necessarily fit on the website of a company that provides in-home care for elderly clients, but the advice is just too good not to share.  We know that our service isnít for everyone, and if this information helps those who are able to care for their parents or spouse at home, then weíve done something good.

Pay special attention to number six, ďDO NOT neglect your own healthĒ.  This is a huge deal.  If you are caring for mom, dad, your spouse or a sibling, the last thing you need is for the caregiver to get into a situation where they need a caregiver of their own.  This happens a lot!  Being a caregiver is hard.  (If you donít believe me, read numbers 1-5 in this article.  It can be all consuming, and there are times where you canít do it all yourself.  When you get into this situation, it is very easy for you to start skipping your doctors appointments, skipping sleep, skipping meals, and skipping those things that are stress relievers in your life.  You do that and you are skipping towards a real crisis.  Who will take care of mom if you are in the hospital?  (I guess this article does fit on an in-home care website after all.)

Seriously, this article has great advice.  Iíve met a lot of people who didnít take the advice and ended up in a situation that was much worse than it had to be.


"MFIHC has done a fantastic job for us. The staff is very professional and you can tell they really care about providing great care. We are very happy with the service we have received. Thank you!!!"

-Angela, Ada